Endoscope Quality Test & Measurement Equipment

Lighthouse imaging test & measurement instruments can be used to test and verify the optical quality of both rigid and flexible endoscopes. The types of rigid scopes that can be tested include laparoscopes, arthroscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes containing either rod lenses or distal end (chip-on-tip) optical components.

Lighthouse test & measurement equipment is typically used for QC/QA testing during scope manufacturing, scope service and repair and in the clinical engineering or biomedical engineering department at hospitals and surgical centers.

All Lighthouse imaging endoscope quality test & measurement instruments can be used to monitor scope quality in support of a hospital’s preventive maintenance (PM) program to ensure compliance with the Joint Commission’s requirement for managing scopes in diagnostic medical equipment inventory

(Elements of Performance - EC.02.01.01, EC.02.04.01, EC.02.04.03).