Lawton DURACUT Ceramic Scissors

Lawton DURACUT Ligature Scissors

Lawton Swing Line Micro-Needle Holder & Scissors

Laminectomy Punches


Due to the close collaboration with leading surgeons, the workmanship of high skilled instrument makers and the use of modern machineries assure the permanent developments of the consisting products. In the following a few specialities from Lawton.


The precise mould tungsten carbide blade in combination with precise cutting edges guarantees a longer lasting and smoother cut.

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LAWTON DURACUT Ceramic Scissors

These scissors have a 4-5 times higher surface hardness and provide a significantly longer service life of cutting edges. The electro-physical planing provides a higher sliding capability with a minimum amount of abrasion as well as an optimized resistance of rust and corrosion.

LAWTON DURACUT Supercut Scissors

Supercut Scissors have a special construction. One blade is sharpened like a knife and the other like a pair of scissors. The result is an extraordinary smooth and clean cutting procedure.

Brochure no. 04/82

LAWTON DURACUT Dissecting Scissors

Classic Swedish Style with short curved blades guarantees a perfect view on the working part of the scissors.

Brochure no. 01/69

LAWTON DURACUT Ligature Scissors

Due to the serration, slipping or pushing of the suture is almost impossible.

Brochure no. 01/68

LAWTON TITE GRIP Needle holder

Bevelled edges prevent catching of suture material. For the use of very fine needles and sutures they are available in stainless steel or Titan.

Brochure no. 01/67


With special coated jaws ensures no slipping but an optimum of grasping of the needles. They are used for the most delicate needles and sutures. Available in stainless steel or Titan.

Catalogue 6/98 pages 364-365

LAWTON SWING LINE Micro-Needle holder and Scissors

With a new sweeping design at the box lock. Sliding capacity, stability and flexibility as well as cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of the instruments are the major advantage.

Brochure no. 97/50 Brochure no. 99/59

LAWTON Laminectomy Punches

With semi-detachable shaft. The easy and fast opening and closing of the shaft allow the best possible cleaning and therefore it reduces the risk of infection.

The newly designed semi-detachable system makes it easier to disassemble and re-assemble as there are no removable parts.

Brochure no. 01/71


for a vertebral biopsy. This puncture technique, with transpedicular access allows reaching the body through the left or right pedicle of the vertebral arch. With this technique the biopsy can be performed under local anaesthesia.

Cat. no. 06/98 Page 720-721