Sinus Surgery

Right from the design of the LAWTON instruments we set a high value for easy handling and cleaning.

Table of Contents:

Antifog Solution
Handles for Telescopes
Optical Biopsy Forceps
Trocars and Cannulas for Sinus Surgery
Septum Needles
Antrum Trocar Needles, Antrum Trocar
Antrum Rasps
Bougies, Probes, Chisels
Knives for Sinus Surgery
Antrum Curettes
Lip-Retractros, Retractors
Antrum Self-Retaining Retractors
Nasal Septum Specula
Nasal Forcep
Sphenoid Punches
Biopsy Forceps
Antrum Punch Forceps
Nasal Scissors

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