XXL- Instruments

Extreme obesity (adipositas Permagna) of the patients sometimes presents surgeons with a problem as conventional instruments often are too short.

LAWTON offers XXL instruments which facilitate the operation for the surgeon with corpulent patients. These instruments are also suitable for all deep operations such as rectal surgery.

05-2076 DURACUT NELSON-METZENBAUM dissecting scs, straigt, 31 cm

05-2077 DURACUT NELSON-METZENBAUM dissecting scs, curved, 31 cm

30-9023 DE BAKEY vascular forceps 2.7 mm, 35 cm

06-9306 ROCHESTER-PEAN haemostatic forceps, straight, 34.5 cm

36-9391 KOCHER-OCHSNER haemostatic forceps, straight, 33 cm

07-8215 MAIER sponge and dressing forceps, curved, 40 cm

08-9188 TITE GRIP MAYO-HEGAR needle holder, 32 cm

35-9870 COLLIN intestinal and tissue grasping forceps, 30 cm

30-9666 DE BAKEY tangenital occlusion clamp, 34 cm