SHE SHA Smoke Evacuation System from BOWA

Single use Hose for monopolar pencil 952-000

Filter 951-000

Smoke Evacuation System

BOWA SHE SHA Smoke Evacuation System from BOWA. 

The BOWA SHE-SHA features enhanced whisper-quiet technology, turbo suction power and LCD display screen. The interactive display screen provides a clear visual read out regarding exact filter time remaining, suction rate and mode.

Filter can be used up to 8 Hours.

Auto Start Technology for Bowa Arc Generators.

Pnematic foot switch.

SHE SHA smoke evacuation system – occupational health protection in the operating theater

The injurious effects of electrosurgical smoke and fumes on surgeons and surgical staff have been proved beyond doubt and is a generally accepted fact. You, too, should protect yourself and your team against these harmful effects.

The SHE SHA smoke evacuation system is silent and creates a powerful vacuum, achieving a flow rate of almost 1,000 l/minute. The SHE SHA can be adapted to fit all current electrosurgical devices and standard handles.

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